Stretch Your Dollar: Is wedding insurance worth it?

Stretch Your Dollar

Weddings could be the most expensive event you’ll ever throw, and for many couples, a lot rides on nice weather.

Some couples are investing in “wedding insurance” in case something goes wrong! Industry experts say all couples should consider wedding insurance because it covers more than just the weather.

Some people will spend tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding day yet not many people go the extra step to protect those dollars spent.

“I don’t think they take enough advantage,” said Lisa Antonecchia, owner of Creative Concepts by Lisa, a wedding and event planning business.

Antonecchia’s seen first-hand what Mother Nature can do.

“They had gale-forced winds. The tables were literally flipping over from the winds a tree was struck by lightning and fell on outdoor cocktail tables,” she said.

This couple in Norwalk didn’t have wedding insurance, something she now encourages all couples to consider, “just in case.”

“Anything from venue going out of business. Mother Nature precluding you from having the event that day, maybe it’s snow, maybe it’s a hurricane and there’s no electricity. It would even cover something like, one of your vendors going out of business or going bankrupt.”

She says costs start around $160 and go up. There’s extended coverage you can opt for in case your wedding guests drink too much or if your wedding dress is ruined on the flight heading to your destination wedding. Just be sure you both want to be married, getting cold feet is likely not covered.

“I know that I have seen in different policies that it would cover, say the bride couldn’t get there because her flight never showed up. That it may cover but backing out, we’d have to double check.”

A few companies that offer insurance are WedSafe, Travelers and Nationwide.

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