Conn. (WTNH) — It’s March 1, which means later this month, we’ll be welcoming spring. We’re Stretching Your Dollar with how you can get a jump-start on spring savings.

Well we got a taste of winter, and as we welcome March, you can get a head-start on the warmer months ahead with three easy ways to save money this time of year.

First, people are cleaning out their closets and sending them to consignment shops. This is a great time to raid those stores for clothing, furniture, and other items you may need. There’s likely more supply this year as people look for ways to make extra cash.

Next, think of seasonal contractors. As we start in-between the extreme seasons, you’re likely to get a better price while work is slow for them. Think HVAC installers and pool maintenance, and whether or not you need air conditioners installed or any weatherizing around your home.

Third, you’ll start seeing some prices come down on winter accessories like coats and boots, as well as the items for summer that didn’t sell last year.

For example, you’ll typically see last year’s grill models that didn’t sell. This year, they’re marked down and listed as bait ahead of Doorbuser Deals.

If you’re a gamer or your kids are, video games typically drop their lowest price in March.