(WTNH) — We’re approaching mid-August and if you’re still hoping for a getaway before summer’s end, we’re Stretching Your Dollar with tips to getting a last-minute vacation on a budget.

Summer is in its final stretch as we’re just a few weeks out from back-to-school. If you’re still hoping to extend the season with a quick getaway, here are some tips to landing a better deal on airfare.

First, the more flexible you are the better — if you’re not tied to a specific airline for rewards purposes, flyers find mixing and matching airlines get them a better deal.

Flexibility will also save you when it comes to a destination. Once you’ve chosen your travel dates, use sites like Flight Aware to see where flights are going that are within your budget. Let the destination choose you!

Next is timing — if you’re within 21 days of when you want to leave, book ASAP to avoid the last-minute price surge. One to three months-out typically gets you the best deal.

As for the day, NerdWallet reports if you’re flying internationally — Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to get you the better price. While domestically, it’s Tuesday and Wednesday, 24% lower than peak prices on Sunday.