Conn. (WTNH) — It’s Read Across America Day — celebrating children’s author Dr. Seuss’ birthday. In observance of the day, we are Stretching Your Dollar with some deals and freebies you may not know you can find at your local library.

As the nation honors a beloved children’s author’s birthday – Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss – there are ways to find books at your local lottery that are free or can save you money.

20 Something Finance curated a list of what you may not know — or remember — you can find at the local library as you search the shelves for a good read.

More libraries offer audio books now, which could save money on an outside subscription, as it’ll come with your library card.

Many libraries also have free passes to museums or local attractions, as well as an array of enriching classes like cooking, art, and computers.

As you look to save on your monthly bills, remember libraries also typically have free internet and some kind of movie, DVD rentals, or even magazines.

Remember that local libraries can not only connect you to your own community, but also save you money. Check your library too for free family fun, as most of them will post on their social media pages.