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Stretch Your Dollar: Long-term investment potential advice by industry experts

Stretch Your Dollar

This has been a tough year financially for a lot of people and many of us have no idea where our bank accounts will be in a few months, much less a few years! But some financial experts think they have an idea. We are stretching your dollar with what industry experts say about long-term investment potential.

These tips were published in USA Today.

Electric vehicles is one An analyst predicted by 2030, one in five new vehicles will be electric, and that they’ll soon be able to travel much further on a single charge.

The 5G evolution is another. The expectation is that fifth-generation cellular standards will allow more phone, internet, computing and other devices to connect with one another and operate more efficiently at a lower cost.

Here’s another one – Cannabis are moving mainstream. Eleven states have legalized recreational cannabis use. 33 others allow medicinal use and experts think these totals will probably increase

Remember these are just predictions. Two others are renewable energy and pharmaceuticals. As companies shift research to treat high-demand disease at an affordable cost.

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