(WTNH) – As the cost of living keeps going up, many of us are feeling it each time we open our monthly bills. But there are ways to get better deals on services like cable, cell, and internet service with just one phone call.

High inflation has been pushing up the cost of many Americans’ monthly bills, but if you think you could be paying less, you’re probably right.

Service companies have protocols for giving customers better offers, but they are counting on never being asked about them. Consumer Reports writer Many Walker shared the steps to get a better deal.

First, she said to take a good look at your monthly bills to see what services you’re paying for.

“See if there’s anything you don’t need anymore that you’re paying for, like high-speed internet because the kids were gaming, but now they’re at college or cell phone insurance. But now your cell phone, six or seven years old,” said Walker.

Then, compare your bill with the discounts on your current provider’s website, and check the competitor’s websites too.

“Discounts, they’re giving new clients or existing clients. So, you’ve got all this information you can use as leverage when you call,” she added.

Dial the customer service line when the senior employees are typically working, usually weekdays from 9-5, and immediately ask for the retention department.

“Those people, their job is to keep you as a customer. And they’ve got access to the really good deals that customer service won’t have,” Walker said.

Also, ask open-ended questions instead of yes or no questions.

“Say, for example, ‘what kind of deals do you have that I’m not taking advantage of?'” she said. “They might even throw out a deal that you weren’t even aware of, that you didn’t even see in your research, and you might get an even better rate.”

And finally, don’t jump on at the first offer.

“Don’t hesitate to say thank you very much, but I was really hoping to get this other deal. Can you match that?” said Walker.