(WTNH) — With airfare sky-high right now, could a luxury overnight bus be the answer?

Inflation is eating into everyone’s budget this holiday season, from shopping to food, and even travel. Especially when plane tickets cost so much right now.

This is why some people are turning to a unique overnight trip as you’ve never traveled before.

It’s called the Napaway, a new, overnight luxury bus service already underway in Washington D.C., Knoxville, and Nashville. The goal is to launch even more routes around the country!

“Initially, it would likely be the east coast. But we certainly hear from the West Coast folks,” said CEO Dan Aronov. “People who are riding it seem to really enjoy it. You know, they get in, they’re well rested and ready to go.”

“I didn’t want to drive and I didn’t want to fly. And then I saw it in the paper and said ‘Oh, an adventure.'” said Napaway passenger Anne Norloff. “It’s really inexpensive, much cheaper than flying. And cheaper than trying to drive and get a hotel room and buy meals on the way so this is a bargain.”

It’s comfortable, but is it worth it?

On a regular day in mid-November, the average price of oneway airfare from D.C. to Nashville is about $182. On the bus, it’s about $125, nearly $60 less.

But right before Christmas, that same trip can cost $233 one way on a plane. That’s one hundred dollars more than the bus.

Napaway isn’t the only luxury bus service out there. There’s also the Jet Bus between New York and Washington, which specializes in motion-canceling seats. The company says the seats eliminate the feeling that you’re on a moving bus.

Plus, the service offers some free adult beverages!

The cost of a Jet Bus ticket can be between one and two hundred dollars one way.

But these luxury overnight buses aren’t common in the U.S., and that’s part of the challenge in making them successful.

“Look, it’s not going to be easy because we think of bus travel as dingy and frankly, cheap,” said Travel Industry Expert Henry Harteveldt. “So it’s going to take some education and it’s going to take a little bit of getting used to. But if they do it right, if they market it right, if they price it right, the customers could respond.”

Or if you’re planning to travel a bit more traditionally, like in your own vehicle, here are a few savings tips:

  • Make sure your tires are inflated, under-inflated tires create drag and can increase gas consumption
  • Download apps like Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas along the way
  • And pack light! The more weight you carry, the more gas you use