(WTNH) — Students are heading back to school and you may be sending some of them off with expensive gadgets to help them excel in the classroom. We are stretching your dollar with how to protect those devices so they last you the whole year.

Look around a college campus and most other classrooms too, and you’ll notice technology is the key to learning. It’s why it’s not only important to have it before the school year begins, but be ready to protect it.

“Your personal documents, your photos, your financial information, that 11-page report due this Friday, that’s really the most valuable thing on your computer,” Best Buy‘s Geek Squad Agent Derek Meister says.

First and foremost, make sure you pick a strong password when you set it up so that if it gets in the wrong hands, nobody can access your personal files.

Have a plan in place to save everything you do whether it’s on a portable USB drive or saving it to the cloud. Remember to protect your devices from hackers and viruses.

“Make sure you have strong security software, so an anti-virus, anti-spyware. It’s going to protect you from all the threats coming in from the internet.”
If you still need to shop your devices, don’t think the latest and most expensive is best. Consider your class assignments first.
“Someone in engineering or video editing may need a more powerful computer, something with, say, an Intel I-7 processor. But if your student doing regular coursework, they can get away with a computer that’s designed more for the typical kind of documents we work on.”
Saving money is all about choosing what’s right for you and doing everything you can to protect it so it lasts for years to come.


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