Stretch Your Dollar: Making the most of what you have during the coronavirus pandemic

Stretch Your Dollar

While many of us feel the need to buy a bit extra while grocery shopping, not everyone has the financial flexibility to do so. We’re stretching your dollar with some tips on how to make the most of what you have and buy the things you need and make them last.

First, make a list. Write down the essentials that you have then the essentials that you need. After that consider buying these items: frozen and canned foods. These are likely to stay good during the quarantine.

Canned veggies and soups are an option for the family. Add frozen vegetables and fruit to the mix since these are both healthy and will last you. Remember, meat can also last for a long time in the freeze, but if stocking up on extra chicken and beef is too pricey right now, there are other ways to get your protein.

Lifestyle expert and Founder of Pretty Wellness, Caryn Sullivan says beans are a great source of protein and fiber. You can add them to meals to save for later.

In addition to lentils, remember dry items like quinoa is also a great source of protein that has a long shelf life also. Plus items like rice, pasta and jar sauces also last a while.

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