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Stretch Your Dollar: Making your child’s digital life safer

Stretch Your Dollar

Parents- Many of you give your kids new gadgets and then start looking around for ways to monitor their use. We are stretching your dollar with a few easy steps to ensure you’re getting the most out of the security features.

The good news is the first step to protecting them isn’t to buy expensive software. Rather, it’s to get to know what the device already offers, and these come to us from the Wall Street Journal.

Before buying any additional software, check the settings on the devices. Most devices allow you to block explicit content. The settings will also let you set a fixed gadget bedtime, so you want to look for that to ensure they’re not using it after hours.

The Journal also says Apple will soon be rolling out an upgrade to let parents manage their child’s contacts as well as give them the ability to control who they communicate with.

So what should parents do? Experts also advise starting with stricter control when your child gets a device. As your child proves they can handle the device maturely, you can increase the freedom.

If you want to take it one step further, there are third party services available. “Bark” is one of them. You can try a free trial first before committing to a membership.


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