Stretch Your Dollar: Maximizing the space in your car

Stretch Your Dollar

Whether it’s driving the kids around or getting to work each day, we spend a lot of time in our cars!

We’re stretching you dollar with simple steps you can take to make sure you’re maximizing the space inside, creating a safer ride.

For many people, their cars are a second home. It’s where they spend hours a day. But if you’re not careful, it’s also where accidents can happen.

“Think about how many times you’re in your car fumbling to find your wallet, or your kids ask for something and you’re reaching behind your seat and taking your eye off the wheel,” said Lifestyle Expert Elizabeth Mayhew.

Lifestyle Expert Elizabeth Mayhew told us problems happen when you’re not utilizing your space properly – so, it’s time to change that.

Most vehicles have extra storage in the trunk now. That’s where she says you put cleaning supplies, cold weather gear and other items you don’t need every day.

“You do not need an emergency kit in your glove compartment, that can be absolutely in your trunk,” said Mayhew. “If you have little kids, this even fits a little stroller, so that’s how big it is. Look now I put that in there, now I have clean slate.”

Keeping inexpensive storage bins like these handy prevent groceries from sliding and give miscellaneous items a neat home.

Another tip to keep the aisles clear. She keeps a container filled with plastic bags that she uses to pick up trash every time she pumps gas.

“Less is more and cleaning up is very important,” said Mayhew. 

Lastly avoid reaching for items in the glove box while you’re driving. Keep those phone chargers handy by storing them in the armrest. The hand sanitizer goes in the door pockets.

“Put it in the car door so you don’t have to open something to get it. That way, you’re touching something else,” said Mayhew. 

Use it after pumping gas and put it back.

It’s about knowing what your car has to offer and storing items in an appropriate place to make the ride safer and more efficient for everyone.


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