(WTNH) — Memorial Day sales are dropping every day, leading up to the holiday. We’re Stretching Your Dollar with the latest savings, plus changes to return policies.

Holiday weekends offer the opportunity to save on big-ticket items. Appliances like a washing machine at Lowes is $628 — $226 off its normal price.

Rei has their biggest sale of the season, including 20% off any full-price item with a code. But, some discounts are being hampered by retailers struggling with returns.

“I think we’ve all been conditioned to just be able to buy as much as we want online, knowing that if it doesn’t work out we can just return it pretty liberally,” Kristin McGrath, editor of The Real Day by RetailMeNot, said. “That’s kind of coming to an end.”

According to returns consulting company Narvar, return rates in 2022 were about 14% higher than 2019 — eating into retail profits. For every return of items worth $100, it costs the company roughly $26.50. So, that cost is being passed-on to consumers in the form of higher prices and stores instituting stricter return policies.

Zara, Shoe Carnival, and H&M are charging shoppers for returns by mail but offering free returns in-store, hoping customers will buy something else while there.

Amazon is warning shoppers of items with higher return rates.

One apparel company, Dress the Population, offers a discount of 10-70% if shoppers opt to purchase an item without the option of a return.

So, it serves as a reminder to check the return policy as you shop these deals so you know what you’re in for if it has to go back.