(WTNH) – Airlines are battling for your loyalty as the holiday travel season approaches. We are Stretching Your Dollar with the money-saving tactics they’re rolling out.

As you begin the book holiday travel, a major airline announced new perks to try to win your loyalty.

Southwest Airlines is making it easier to earn higher status with better access to upgrades, lowering the number of flights required to become an a-list status member and offering things like free drinks to top elite members.

“It’s really bucking the trend of what we see with other airlines, which are actually making it harder, making it so that you need to spend more money to achieve this sort of level of status,” Senior Airline Reporter at The Points Guy, David Slotnick, said.

That includes Delta Air Lines. The CEO says the company probably went too far with recent changes, making it more difficult to earn status and access their lounges. Delta is now vowing to revisit those changes, but it is not clear what they’ll modify.

“I have received a LOT of feedback from this change … we’re still assessing what we do but there will be modifications that we will make,’ Dela Air Lines CEO, Ed Bastian, said.

It’s all happening as your time is running out to score the best holiday deals. Experts say the window is closing fast.

“If you’re planning to fly for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year, now is the time to book to take advantage of the lowest prices,” Lead Economist at Hopper, Hayley Berg, said.

Experts say prices for each holiday will jump $5 to $10 a day, then in the final three weeks they could spike $10 to $30 a day.

Keep in mind that there are other ways to save. Experts say if you can fly on less popular days around the holidays, you can save upwards of 40%. So when you fly is just as important as when you book your tickets.