(WTNH) — May is the busiest time in the nation for moving, according to the Better Business Bureau; students are graduating, which is why May is known as national moving month.

We are Stretching Your Dollar with the most common scams this time of year so the move is smooth!

First, if you’re using a moving company, make sure they have an address for the business listed, as well as the movers’ registration and insurance to ensure it’s a reputable business.

Next, be wary of unusual requests like a large down payment or full payment in advance. The BBB has seen scams like this happen and then movers never show up. If your possessions are being held hostage until a payment is made, contact the BBB and police.

It’s a red flag if they use rental trucks or give estimates over the phone. They should be coming out to assess what needs to be moved in-person.

Get everything in writing — like the terms and conditions and any disclaimers. Also, keep an inventory of your belongings, take photos, and have an inventory sheet. Most times, movers are not liable for lost or damaged contents unless there is proven negligence on the part of the owner.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything you don’t understand. If the moving company doesn’t want to answer your questions, look for another company.