Stretch your Dollar: National labor shortage resulting in scarcity of back-to-school supplies

Stretch Your Dollar

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(WTNH) — If you haven’t started your back-to-school shopping yet, you may not want to put it off. A nationwide labor shortage is slowing the delivery of goods, and now a shortage of important supplies. We are stretching your dollar with the shortages shoppers may run into.

“If you’re shopping in person this year, be aware that you might see some bare-looking shelves,” said DealNews writer Julie Ramhold.

Ramhold said they’re seeing everything from a shortage of backpacks to writing utensils – pens, pencils -even computers.

“Very often, we tell people when it comes to computers, don’t buy more than you need, but some parents may find that’s their only option depending on what they’re shopping for. It might be harder to find just a basic Chromebook or something like that because there’s a run on those with kids doing virtual schooling again.”

And in some cases, kids are heading back to the classroom in person for the first time in more than a year. So they may not have bought many of the basics last year and need more this year.

With that said, demand is up, but there are still problems with slow delivery.

“We have major supply chain interruptions that have been going on for the last year. But also we have things getting hung up in ports so the supplies are out there but they might not be reaching the shelves for consumers to buy.”

So get your list together and get what you need. Procrastination this year may result in not having your pick before the school year begins.

And remember, next week is big for clothing and shoes! You may want to get out into stores. Most items under $100 are exempt from the state sales tax.

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