(ABC News) — If you’ve been working on booking a vacation, you may be having a hard time finding a rental vehicle in what industry experts are calling the “car-pocalypse.” Travelers nationwide are enduring long waits and astronomical prices at the rental car counter.

We are stretching your dollar with how to find a car and how to protect your wallet.

“It was just crazy expensive,” said car renter Lizeth Andrew. “It was like 300 a day or something, just insane.”

Lizeth, like so many others, was put off by high prices and limited availability. She turned to the service Turo, an online car-sharing company.

Services like Turo, Getaround, and Avail all offer alternatives to traditional rental car options with peer-to-peer rental services.

Turo CMO Andrew Mok said, “In some of these markets where the car rental crunch is the worst, like in Hawaii, like in Anchorage, Alaska, we’re finding our hosts are stepping in and they’re just sharing their idle cars that otherwise would just be sitting there. And travelers are getting access to them.”

Still, with these services experts say the supply can’t meet the demand of a rebounding travel scape, experts say the best tip is to plan ahead and book well in advance.

Nick Ewen, The Points Guy, said, “If you’re planning travel for into the fall, the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays, go ahead and book now. I would recommend doing that before the flights because again, you want to try to lock in that price and that inventory as soon as you can.”

He also suggested, if you can, be flexible with travel dates that might help in avoiding potential problems. Even if you shift your travel dates by even a day in either direction, you might find more inventory or lower prices.