(WTNH) — Tens of millions of Americans have 401(k) retirement plans. But lately, it’s been a little scary to look at those monthly statements due to the ups and downs of the economy.

On top of that, Election Day is one of those days that could cause markets to react.

With the stock market down significantly this year and with inflation at levels we haven’t seen in decades, Americans are worried about their retirement accounts.

Farnoosh Torabi, editor at large at C-Net Money, said it’s important to check your account, but not too frequently.

“If you feel nervous checking your portfolio, don’t do it all the time. Certainly not. I think once in a while, periodically, once every quarter and especially now is a good time as we’re getting close to the end of the year,” she said.

Uncertainty in the markets shouldn’t force you into quick decisions about what to do with your money.

“Don’t make changes because you’re watching TV and you’re watching stocks fall,” said Torabi. “Just remember that that is par for the course as we are investing for decades towards retirement. The good news is, is that there are more positive days in the market than there are negative days over the long run.”

If you do want to make changes, get some help to do it.

“Don’t go it alone. Work with someone who is an expert, who is certified, who’s experienced, who can really guide you towards this change potentially that you want to make,” she added.

And there is free help available if you have a 401(k) account.

There’s an 800 number or a website attached to that portfolio.

The company that manages and operates that portfolio, outside of your company, will have free resources if you need to talk to somebody. They’ll help you get a better understanding of what is going on in your portfolio.

Remember to look for a company match, it’s like getting free money.