(WTNH) – When it comes to cars, let’s put 2021 and all its supply chain issues in the rearview mirror. When it’s over, pent-up demand for cars will likely take sales from zero to 60.

To get you ready, we’re taking a look at the new features, technology, and safety protections that have been added in over the last few years.

“We need to transition to an electric future, so hybrids are a sort of baby step along the way that allows you to reduce the amount of fuel you use and help the environment,” said Jason Cammisa, Automotive Journalist.

Technology journalist Jason Cammisa says first up is to think about a plug-in hybrid.

“Rather than generating that electricity from the gas engine, you plug it in and pull that electricity from the grid,” Cammisa said.

Many new cars are coming out with this dual-mode like the Hyundai Clarity, the Chrysler Pacifica minivan, and the Hyundai Ioniq. Another new feature this and many other cars have is something called adaptive cruise control, which is when your car adapts to the car in front of you, it slows down, you slow down.

Many new cars can also steer for you in this mod and it’s a game-changer in bumper-to-bumper traffic, but the power of the technology is in the added safety and that’s active 24/7.

What makes people really choose one car over another? How the car interacts with your phone is a big one now. If you’re an Android user, you might pick a car with android auto. For iPhones, Apple Car play is a big hit.

While both work with either type of phone, how the car mirrors your phone is a key consideration.