Stretch Your Dollar: New spending habits out of the pandemic

Stretch Your Dollar

As things begin to get back to normal in Connecticut, consumer experts say some of our habits may be changing longterm. We are stretching your dollar with the new habits that could improve your bottom line long after the pandemic.

It’s no secret masks, increased hand-washing and social distancing isn’t going away anytime soon.

But as restaurants and gyms reopen, experts find some of our new day-to-day habits may continue even as we emerge from quarantine.

“Obviously when we cook food at home, we’re spending a tremendous less amount of money on outside costs,” Stacy DeBroff, CEO Influence Central.

Stacy DeBroff says cooking at home is just one money-saving habit we’ve adopted that may continue with restaurants seating fewer families. She also says as we venture into stores, safely, we’re not leisurely meandering the aisles like we used to. That’s not only good for stopping the spread – it’s good for the wallet.

“People go into the grocery store and we’re looking for the things we want and need, and we got our list done and we get out.”

That’s just for in-store shoppers.

Most of us have come to expect free delivery at this point and we’ve gotten comfortable shopping from our home computers.

And those buy one get one free sales? DeBroff says the fear of the pandemic may make these deals more tempting as we’ve become more safety conscience providing for our loved ones.

“I think people are going to keep masks, they’re going to keep disinfectant, they’re going to keep toilet paper, and basic canned goods. There’s going to be a pantry back-up system. People are going to keep water.”

Stockpiling may be the new norm for many families. As you spend more time home, you may have also realized you don’t need as much.

Donations to Goodwill and other charities have gone up. You can also consign gently used items to bring in extra money for your family.

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