(WTNH) — New year, new house? If you’re planning to battle the high-interest rates for a place to call home, News 8 can help you stretch your dollar.

You’ve probably been told to “shop around for a good deal” when it comes to smaller things like gas or groceries, but it’s important you’re doing the same for the big stuff, like a mortgage. This is especially true amid a volatile year when it comes to interest rates.

Money.com came out with a series of tips to help get buyers started.

First, decide what kind of loan is best for you. There’s the conventional loan, an FHA which is backed by the Federal Housing Administration. It’s designed to make borrowing more accessible to anyone with low income or a first-time home buyer. There’s also a VA loan for veterans, and adjustable or fixed-rate mortgages.

Next, determine the mortgage rates offered by each lender. This will help you determine what your monthly payments will be.

Remember that as you compare mortgage rates the advertised rates may be much lower than competitors, but there could be a catch. For example, you may need to have a high credit score to qualify.

Don’t forget to find out what lender fees look like beyond the APR. You should ask about fees for the application, document preparation, and credit report requests. This could also include closing costs, taxes, and any other additional costs.

You should also ask for “lender estimates” right up front, so you have an idea of how much you’ll be expected to pay beyond the price of the loan.

Lastly, it’s smart to find out if the lender will service the loan themselves or if they’re likely to sell it to other lenders. One advantage of keeping it with the original lenders is that it provides stability.

You get to maintain a go-to contact if you have questions about your loan.