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Stretch Your Dollar: Only shop for what you need and avoiding panic-buys

Stretch Your Dollar

We’ve seen many pictures and videos from Connecticut and other areas with empty shelves at stores and people hunting for supplies. We’re stretching your dollar with why experts are saying don’t worry and only shop for what you need.

As coronavirus cases continue to rise here in the United States, shoppers are taking precautions as they continue to visit grocery stores regularly. Shelves are clearing fast and the question many people have, are we running out?

“This is not a supply issue that we’re facing right now, it’s a demand issue.”

Leslie Sarasin, President and CEO, the Food Industry Association.

Sarasin, President and CEO of the Food Industry Association, which represents companies who make up the food and consumer goods supply chain, says people are shopping at unprecedented levels out of concern which is why stores look bare.

“What we encourage our costumers to do if they’re shopping is to buy what they need for next few days or week or so not what they may need in six months. If we employ that type of mentality there will be plenty of product for everyone else around us.”

Sarasin also says stores may not always receive 100 percent of what they ordered and that’s because supply pacing is being done. This way, product is equally distributed throughout the country.

Right now, the most in-demand products are,

“Paper products, household cleaners and packaged foods.”

Here in Connecticut, Stew Leonard’s in Newington says it is a challenge to keep their shelves stocked, but they’re getting it done. Experts do say supplies are not the concern, it’s just a matter of keeping up. You may even see how some stores are now putting limits on how much of certain items you can buy.

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