Stretch your Dollar: Organic, in-season foods to buy now to prep for the rest of the year

Stretch Your Dollar

(WTNH) — If getting healthy is a part of your plans, the summer months are a great time to prep for the rest of the year while saving money. We are stretching your dollar with what to throw in the shopping cart.

Taste of Home has a list of foods to buy organic this summer, and you may find most are marked down this month.

  1. Berries. Pick your own at local farms or support those featured in grocery stores. Berries can be frozen and used throughout the year.

2. Spinach and leafy greens. Go organic with these, since the leaves can retain pesticides.

3. Apples & pears. Buy in a bag or container rather than individual apples; smaller fruits are a better serving size than the big ones and cost less per pound.

4. Stone fruits like nectarines, peaches, cherries and plums. Save money on things like peaches by buying canned or frozen when they’re on sale. Since these fruits have had their peels removed, much of the pesticide residue is removed along with the peel.

5. Grapes are another fruit highly susceptible to pesticides, and better to buy organic when you can. Stock up on organic raisins when they’re discounted for the kids’ lunches or baking season.

6. Celery. Buy by the stalk and just buy what you need. It’s a minor player that adds flavor and crunch.

Organic foods to skip: Taste of Home says to skip anything organic that you’re going to peel. That means bananas, oranges (unless you plan to zest ’em), winter squash, and even potatoes and sweet potatoes if you plan to peel them.

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