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Stretch Your Dollar: Picking out budget friendly snow tires

Stretch Your Dollar

Even though things have been pretty mild in terms of the weather, it is still winter and that means we can expect more snow. We’re stretching your dollar with how to pick out a snow tires without spending outside of your budget.

Branford Town Fair Tire’s Michael Riggione says buying name-brand tires isn’t always necessary.

“Any snow tire that you go with, even an entry level quality, is going to handle much better than your all-season tire because it has one specific function,” Riggione says.

Here’s how they work – the all season tires you’re likely driving on now are designed to handle a little bit of weather pretty well across the board. But snow tires are built specifically to give you traction in the snow.

“In any snow tire, you want to look for these treads to be wide open, you want to look for the ability to push the water out.”

So how can you have the tires without overspending?

Riggione says ask about off-brand tires and shop around. He also says he will price match if you find a better deal and ask about a smaller tire that may cost less. In some cases, the snow tires alone may lower your insurance rates.

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