(WTNH) — Now that the kids are back in the classroom, you may have your sights set on the next time you’ll have time off: the holidays.

As the summer travel season comes to a close, and kids are back in the classrooms, it’s time for families to think about travel for the rest of the year.

If you’ll be getting away for the holidays, The Vacationer has come out with recommendations for the best time to book your flights.

If you’re hoping to fly for Thanksgiving or Christmas, remember a few helpful tips when planning.

When booking domestic flights, The Vacationer says to book one to three months in advance. For international flights, try booking two to eight months prior.

Holidays should always be booked earlier as a rule to ensure availability.

The Vacationer also said that right now is the very best time for Thanksgiving planning, early September. Try to have it done before Halloween. And for Christmas, have plans worked out by Thanksgiving.

With the limited number of seats in the air right now, what are the best days to fly when it comes to availability and cost?

For Thanksgiving travel, consider November 21 and 22 or Thanksgiving Day as a departure date. Black Friday Monday, November 28 and 29, will be the best return dates.

For Christmas, consider December 18 through 20, or Christmas day for the departure date, and the 28 through 30 for a return date.

And to get the best deal, you should go into the booking process open to all airlines, and flights with connections, and start tracking flights now. Google Flights would be a great place to start.