(WTNH) – We all should be preparing for retirement as soon as possible, but experts say some women are falling behind when it comes to saving.

You’re told to start saving for retirement as soon as you begin working, but financial experts with American Century Investments find that women are falling behind for a number of reasons.

“The gender pay gap, the need to be caregivers for children and aging parents, and lack of financial literacy education for women,” said Sibil Sebastian, VP of corporate strategy said.

Sebastian also said that investing is a good way to get on track.

“To get started, carve out some time and do some homework. Look at your bank accounts, know your numbers, your savings and debt, the interest you’re paying, practical tips to guide you on your journey,” he said.

You’ll want to find out what investments to choose, and whether you want to manage them on your own or with a professional. Your age will help you decide the risk level that’s most appropriate.

“All investing involves risk,” Sebastian said. “So knowing your comfort level with risk and understanding your tendencies is really important.”

The most important thing you can do is get started.