(WTNH) – If you’re looking to buy a new car before the end of the year, you’re probably starting to look around to get the best bang for your buck, but many times the “total” is a lot more than what the price tag shows.

You’d like to think the hard work is done after you’ve negotiated a price on a new car, but it’s what comes on the paperwork after the deal that can cost you a lot extra.

Consumer Reports gave a list of some of the most expensive extras you can say no to.

First is VIN etching. That could cost an extra two to three hundred dollars and most cars have VINs already stamped in multiple places. Paying for another, they say, is a waste of money.

“Rustproofing” is another. Protective coatings can run you an extra six to eight hundred dollars but Consumer Reports says the frame, paint and fabrics of cars today are designed to last a decade or longer.

An extended warranty can add another two grand to your total, although Consumer Reports says most new cars already have factory-backed protection.

A tire warranty is another add-on to skip. Pricing varies but experts say you only really need the extra coverage if you’re buying a Corvette because those wheels are so pricey.

A few extras Consumer Reports say may save you money without sacrificing what you truly need in a vehicle.