(WTNH) – As expected, Apple is announcing a new line of gadgets, including an iPhone 14.

But if you’re not ready to shell out the money for a new phone, there are ways to give your current phone a makeover.

“These phones actually haven’t gotten much better over the years,” said Joanna Stern, senior personal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal. “The easiest thing you can probably do is make sure you’re running the current software. And that’s actually something everyone should be doing because it helps protect your data, it makes sure that the phones are more secure, [and] it’s totally free.”

In the settings, click ‘General’, and there’s a software update option, easily accessible. And if your phone isn’t keeping a charge like you want it to, in settings click ‘Battery Health’. It will show you the maximum charge your phone can take now compared to when it was fresh.

If the battery is really limited but everything else on your phone is working fine, is the phone ok?

“You don’t need a new phone,” said Stern. “You need a new battery.”

Apple says the cost of replacing a battery on an iPhone 10, for example, is $69. And on a Samsung Galaxy S10, s replacement shop charges about $76.

It’s way cheaper than a new phone, but what happens when you’re filling up on too much data?

“Yeah, apps definitely eat away at your storage, mostly because they can accumulate data inside them,” Stern noted.

Stern also says you should delete the apps that you can easily access through the phone’s internet browser, such as Yelp or Twitter. Another space saver is opening podcasts and audiobooks or deleting old media.

A surprisingly large storage hog, though, are your messages.

“When somebody text messages you a video or a photo, those are all eating at your internal storage. You didn’t take those photos, but they are on your phone,” said Stern.

If that doesn’t help, you should go to your storage to see what’s eating up most of the space on your phone. You may be surprised to see something on there you don’t even use anymore.