Stretch Your Dollar: Properly washing your clothes during the coronavirus pandemic

Stretch Your Dollar

It’s rare that doing laundry feels life a lifesaving mission, but during the COVID-19 outbreak, Consumer Reports says washing your clothes properly could be vital to you and your family’s health. We’re stretching your dollar with tips on how to properly wash clothes.

Experts don’t know yet how long COVID-19 may remain infectious on clothes, but numbers from the New England Journal of Medicine shows that the virus can survive on cardboard for no longer than 24 hours and on metal and plastic for up to 72 hours.

Consumer Reports shares tips on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus while doing laundry. Separate anything you consider contaminated. Wash those separately. If you want to go the extra mile, place a washable or disposable liner in that laundry bin so that you can either launder it or throw it away after you remove the dirty clothes.

Maybe wear gloves to be extra cautious regardless don’t forget to wash your hands after. Go ahead and use your go-to detergent. Wash as you normally would, but the CDC recommends using the warmest water setting for the items and dry items completely

Continue to sanitize high-touch surfaces. This goes for the knobs and the door pull on the washing machine. It’s also a good idea to clean the laundry bin after.

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