(WTNH) — It’s one week to Thanksgiving and the big shopping frenzy that follows the big meal.

If you’re worried about your finances heading into the shopping season, Forbes has some tips to help you adjust your budget.

First, acknowledge things are different. Before you start shopping, have a conversation with friends and family about what would make you feel better during a stressful time. Perhaps spend time together rather than buying expensive gifts.

Next, rethink your priorities. If your income changed during the pandemic, you may not have savings. Look for ways to reduce spending, even if it’s temporary, to free up extra cash. Call to try to renegotiate your cable or internet package.

Adjust the scale of your holiday celebration. A miniature celebration may be enough to keep spirits bright through the winter.

Lastly, look for deals! For online shopping, consider installing browser extensions that will compare prices for you to help determine the best time to buy.

Small changes to keep the traditions and spirit alive without breaking your new budget this holiday.