(WTNH) – As the kids head back to school, and you’re getting back to reality after the summer, it’s time to get the budget back in check.

Compiled by Cosmopolitan, everyone from finance experts to TikTokers weighs in with tips on how to manage a budget. One comes from a TikToker, who said to shop later on in the day. Food suppliers tend to lower prices as the day goes on, especially on those foods that are approaching their “sell buy’ date.

And while you’re there at the store, be sure to look up or down, as experts have found the savings are typically not found at eye level on the shelves.

When it comes to saving energy, find ways to get creative! For example, only boil water for one cup of tea if that’s all you’re drinking. And, reduce the number of times you have to open your refrigerator.

Be smart in the kitchen as well, such as setting a goal to use leftovers for future meals, such as turning bananas into banana bread. Also, cook in bulk. It will not only give you more future meals, but it will save you on electricity costs.

Finally, don’t be too quick to buy a bag of onions. You may find that it is less money and waste if you buy loose produce, only what you know you will use.