(WTNH) – There’s a rental car shortage ahead of us this summer, and if you’re lucky enough to find one, it’s going to cost you.

The average price for a domestic car rental is about $96 per day, up 61 cents from 2019, according to Kayak.com.

But, with the rental car shortage, there’s now a new way to get cheaper peer-to-peer rental services, like Turo and Getaround.

“Just like you can rent a home on Airbnb, you’re renting directly from a private car owner,” said Kimberly Palmer, a personal finance expert with NerdWallet.

While using Turo, one California reporter was able to rent a Mercedes for $183 per day. In comparison, the rental car closest in price was a Chevy Spark for $182 per day.

While she did state that she experience some delays in the car’s arrival, the reporter claimed the driver was clear and communicative during the process.

“It is rare that a host will perform below our expectations for quality and timeliness,” stated officials from Turo.

In New Jersey, another reporter using Turo was able to rent a car that she described as, “clean and looks great.”

While some car deliveries are prone to delays, reporters using Getaround stated that the cars rented from there were less than what was expected.

Cars arrived late to their renters, and some were not cleaned previously. One reporter even noted that a car rented from Getaround had low tire pressure when she started the car.

“When you’re renting from a private person there’s a lot of uncertainty, and so you do have a risk of getting to your car and it not meeting your standards of cleanliness,” said Palmer.

“We have policies in place regarding car cleanliness, and provide guidelines to hosts (car owners) on location accuracy. We will continue to work with our hosts to ensure our guests […] find and book affordable, convenient, and safe cars,” stated officials from Getaround.

In addition to this, prices can vary widely depending on the location and timing of the rental. Insurance is also something to consider, you will either need to call your own, or pay more for the added insurance option.