Conn. (WTNH) — How much do you have saved for retirement? According to a new survey from Credit Karma, 1 in 4 Americans have no retirement savings, and those who do, inflation is taking a bite out of it. It may have you looking for ways to rein in your spending, freeing up more for savings.

Be aware of your every day spending. That could be anything from that cup of coffee on the way to work, to buying lunch everyday.

They might not seem like big expenses, but that can add up over the weeks, months, even longer, and what you’re spending can be significant.

If you’re able to save even $100 a month or more, that can help take the pressure off other areas of your finances, where you’re feeling the squeeze.

Another small payment that can add up?, monthly subscriptions.

Streaming music or online video games, are just two examples of services that can cost more than you realize over time, especially if you’re not making full use of them.

As for bigger purchases, it’s time to overcome “absent-minded” spending most of us are guilty of, thanks to the convenience of online shopping.