(WTNH) — The big shopping holidays have come and gone, but retailers are far from quiet.

Now is the season of returns, or perhaps more shopping for yourself! Experts say post-holiday sales have shoppers backing line, looking for deals amid inflation.

Lots of people found they saved big on TVs this year, one of the few items that actually got less expensive this year compared to last. And some are finding you may be able to get in shape for a little less. Peloton now says it will offer refurbished exercise bikes at a discount of up to $500 compared to new models.

The program will offer equipment starting at just over $1,100.

If you have plans to return what Santa got you for Christmas this year, experts remind you that this is a different return season.

Experts also say to act fast because return policies have shorter windows, some as short as 30 days. Other retailers also charge return fees on some items. Plus, some items may have to be mailed back at the customers’ expense.

If you do decide to return, go to the store itself to save on the mailed restocking fee and to get a faster refund.

And if you’re curious, clothing was one of the year’s hottest gifts!