Stretch Your Dollar: Robots taking jobs

Stretch Your Dollar

(WTNH)– Can you imagine robots taking over your office? Artificial intelligence and automation ‘in general’ are transforming our jobs.

Worried about robots taking your job one day? According to a new survey, most people are not.

The report from global staffing firm “Robert Half” finds that only 12-percent of surveyed workers are worried that technological advancements will have a negative impact on their job.

In fact, research found that nearly half of workers believed it would have no impact at all.

Automation is allowing for robots and “AI” software to take care of tedious tasks, like data entry, or customer inquiries. This saves companies money and increases productivity.

According to the 1,200 business leaders surveyed, the tech advancements means employees may have to step up their game. But, most workers are welcoming the changes.

The survey found that almost 40-percent of workers believe advancements will have a positive impact on their job and experts say get used to the changes. Robots are already transforming the nature of jobs faster than ever before.

Experts say to consider this as an opportunity to stay ahead. Time to increase your skills in the office and start pitching ideas to help the operation run smoother.

The more you’re seen as an asset to an expanding company, the less likely you’ll be seen as replaceable by a machine.

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