(WTNH) — As February is set to begin, chilly temperatures roll in across the state.

There’s lots of winter weather left this year, which means in the winter months, you can help keep utility bills in check by reducing energy use in your home and making some upgrades. Homeowners can save up to $400 a year through steps like switching to LED light bulbs or using smart thermostats to turn down the temperature when they’re not home.

But for bigger savings like updating appliances or replacing doors and windows, there are new tax credits that can help.

“The great thing about these options is they do bring a lot of different benefits. There’s the climate angle, but they’re also often cheaper to own and use,” said Rewiring America Federal Senior Policy Manager for Implementation, Sage Briscoe.

And some of the upgrades can help you keep your energy costs down.

“We’ve unfortunately seen a lot of increases in the cost of fossil fuels across the board and then home heating options, heat pumps, are one of the only home heating options that haven’t seen a spike in their cost,” said Briscoe.

The inflation reduction act tax credits offer thousands of dollars back for purchases like heat pumps and up to 30% back for installing solar panels.

Rebates for energy-efficient appliances and other home upgrades are also expected to roll out later this year for families that meet the income requirements.

You can check for more details about these programs online.

The tax credits are available for the next 10 years but experts said to start to plan now, so it can help save you the most money.