Stretch Your Dollar: Saving money on healthcare during the pandemic

Stretch Your Dollar

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on healthcare and has left many families uninsured or under-insured. We are stretching your dollar with what you can be doing to take care of yourself during this difficult time.

It’s never been more important to take care of your health, yet the coronavirus pandemic has a number of people falling behind on routine screenings. Many have been furloughed or laid off and are now under or uninsured.

But RX Saver’s Dr. Holly Phillips says there are small things you can do to save money on healthcare.

“After you get your bill from medical treatment, review it carefully, I know that can be daunting because it’s pages and pages of stuff that looks like a foreign language, but you’d be surprised how often you can pick up errors, and those errors are rarely in favor of the patient.”

She says it’s about being your own advocate. Pay close attention to statements and make sure you’re not overpaying on basic services.

“If you’re referred to a radiology center for a cat scan or an MRI or an x-ray, make sure you shop around. You’d be surprised at how widely costs can vary for the exact same procedure at centers that are right next door to one another.”

There are tools that can help you comparison-shop prescriptions – like RX Saver.

It’s important if you find a better price on anything other than what your doctor recommended. You should let them know so they can refer you.

Remember, it’s a slippery slope when you start skipping procedures or not filling prescriptions. Always talk to your doctor, see what your options are. There’s also a state website that can help you with your insurance options.

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