Conn. (WTNH) — It’s hard to find travel deals amid soaring vacation prices. With summer approaching, we’re Stretching Your Dollar with some tips to save money on travel.

Patrick Brown, vice president of growth marketing and insights at Adobe, said there’s been a 47% increase in prices since the top of the year, noting it’s “something that we haven’t seen before, that dramatic of an increase.”

The Brocket family, who hoped to visit their daughter in Los Angeles in July, expected to pay their usual fare of around $400. Now, the flight from Tallahassee costs $800 each.

“We’re trying to evaluate it because budget is a little tight and it’s frustrating for us as a family not to be able to be together,” Karol and Jim said.

Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, said that cheap flights aren’t gone forever, just for the summer. Keyes said he monitors flight deals and while summer deals are essentially gone, now is the time to secure the fall and winter deals.

“Flights on July 1 through 8 from Los Angeles to Maui are $725 round-trip,” Keyes said. “But flights from Los Angeles to Maui on September 1 through 8 are just $161 round-trip.”

That is a 78% difference. Similarly, a round-trip from Chicago to Cancun is $583 in July, compared to 233 in September. Philly to Amsterdam is $1253 in July compared to $471 in September.

“It’s those sort of fall flights where we’re seeing a 40, 50, sometimes even 70 or 80% discount off what you’re seeing on the summer flights,” Keyes said.

Right now, if you are able to get away, you might find your dollars are worth much more, especially in Europe.

Hayley Berg, an economist at Hopper, said the U.S. dollar is appreciated 15% more to the euro compared to last year.

“When you’re there, shopping, staying at hotels, eating out,” Berg said, “your dollars will go about 6% further than in 2019.”

Similar trends have been seen in Central America and the Caribbean.