Stretch Your Dollar: Saving money through the hottest days of summer

Stretch Your Dollar

The coronavirus has many of us spending a lot more time at home, which you may have noticed is taking a toll on your electric bill. We are stretching your dollar with three things you can do to see immediate savings as we get through the dog days of summer.

These tips come to us from nerdwallet.

First – if you set the thermostat back 10-15 degrees when you sleep or you’re not home, you can cut cooling costs by about 10% if it’s for at least eight hours. The U.s. Department of Energy says for every eight hours you lower by one degree, you save roughly one percent on your bill.

Second, try turning your water heater down. Experts say water heaters account for 18% of total home energy use because they’re often set too high. The default temperature is typically 140 degrees. In the summer you can turn that down or you may find yours if set much higher.

And here’s our third tip – switch the bulbs! You can apparently save about $75 per year when you swap out bulbs in your most-used light fixtures with LED bulbs that bear the energy star label.

As a bonus tip, wash your clothes with cold water. It saves money and its better for your clothes.

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