(WTNH) – News 8 has a few parenting hacks that can help save you money when buying baby products.

New parents-to-be Matthew and Rachel Wolkman are preparing for baby number one, and they’re asking important questions.

“Where can we save money, what is safe to buy used, what do we really need to spend money on to buy something new?” asked Rachel.

The couple said they are expecting a baby girl.

“Things are way, way, way more expensive than I was anticipating,” Matthew commented.

For safety advice on what baby items you should buy new, and which you can save on by shopping used, a pediatrician and spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics Dr. Amna Husain gave out some helpful tips.

“I recommend purchasing a crib new because a safe sleeping site for a baby is so important,” said Dr. Husain.

Another important item to buy new is a baby crib.

“This is a product that is there for your child’s safety,” said Dr. Husain. “Many people may not know that their car seat expires and where the expiration date is. So you can usually see it as a stamp or a label on the back of the car seat or on the base of the car seat. These parts can actually degrade over time.”

But she says there are items you may be able to safely buy used. You should test the product in person to make sure it’s in good condition. And she said it’s best if the item was made after the latest safety standards were put in place.

“Ideally, you’ll want to buy a stroller new,” she said.

The voluntary safety standards for strollers were updated in February of this year, so if you’re buying a used stroller, check the manufacturing date. Be sure the brakes work, and that it locks and folds easily, according to Dr. Husain.

The voluntary safety standards for play yards were updated in 2020.

“You’ll want something that has a mattress that’s snug and fit you’ll want to make sure that the mesh and the fabric have no loose threads and no holes,” the doctor said.

As for second-hand toys, Dr. Husain said they are an option as long as you inspect them closely.

“If there’s any paint that’s chipping off of some of these older toys, that does run the risk of lead contamination. So be careful of that. If there are any missing parts, broken parts, sharp edges,” she said.

For all recalled baby products, check the website https://www.recalls.gov/.