(WTNH) — As we welcome a new year, many of you should also be prepared to pay more on your energy bills this winter as rates rise in 2023.

As you adjust the thermostat this winter, the degrees won’t be the only number ticking upward. Monthly energy bill payments are also increasing.

Eversource and United Illuminating announced rate hikes starting January 1. It’s estimated that most customers will see an increase of $80 a month, and businesses are set to see an even biiger impact.

In order to save some cash, there are steps to reduce energy consumption.

First, get your furnace tuned up and replace the filters. Mark Wolfe of the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association noted that a tuned up furnace will use less energy.

Next, Wolfe said customers should turn the thermostat down. Five degrees from where you normally use the furnace can save you 10% on your bill.

Additionally, you can apply caulk to any gaps around the house where heat could get out.

Eversource said customers have options, including several state heating assistance programs. Customers can also call their supplier to see what plan they’re eligible for and what offers the best discount.

There are also payment options to ensure your electricity will not be turned off this winter such as budget billing; it sets up a predictable monthly payment so you aren’t seeing those spikes month to month.

Compare rates and potentially switch suppliers at EnergizeCT.com.