(WTNH) — The Christmas holiday is just days away. Have you completed all of your Christmas shopping?

When it comes to last-minute gift-giving, CNN Editorial Director Dan Ackerman said to opt for a digital gift.

“It’s just as good and often better received than something physical that maybe you don’t want,” Ackerman said, noting you wouldn’t have to return anything.

There are many types of subscription services that could still be a meaningful present.

Digital subscription-based gifts would be a subscription to a service that they already have or one that they want to get. This can include Netflix, Hulu or an Xbox game pass. Although these gifts aren’t physical, Ackerman said you can still get to use them month after month.

You can also buy a subscription box service so your loved one receives physical items in a box each month. There are all sorts of subscription boxes from beer to makeup or books. You can also surprise them with a familiar face.

Although it might take a couple of days to get to, Ackerman noted the really fun service called Cameo, where celebrities, mostly B-list zealots, will record a personal greeting for your friends or family.

And if you’re really down to the wire, you can get a digital gift card sent to your loved one’s email inbox in minutes..