Stretch your Dollar: Shop for high-demand back-to-school supplies sooner than later

Stretch Your Dollar

(GMA) — The pandemic is causing trouble when it comes to back-to-school shopping. We are stretching your dollar with how experts say the high demand could make it hard to find the essential supplies this year.

With more classrooms fully re-opening, experts say in a year plagued with product shortages and supply chain problems, demand will be high, especially the longer you wait.

Hitha Herzog, Chief Research Officer of H Squared Research and Retail Analyst, said, “If you’re a family out there wanting to get all the school supplies, but usually wait until maybe a week or two before school, that’s when it’s going to become a problem.”

And, even with rising prices, according to the National Retail Federation’s Annual Survey, consumers plan to spend record amounts for both school and college supplies.

So what can consumers do? Experts say to take advantage of the sales happening now.

“If you are like many of us, a last-minute shopper, you could always look to the maybe second or third generation of products that is not on your list, but something similar,” Herzog said. “Also, you can look at the second-hand market as well. You may have to spend a little bit more on that product, but there’s certainly lots of products out there that you can find.”

Experts suggest starting your shopping online now. All major retailers will send you inventory and price alerts. Mobile apps such as Shop Savvy can also be helpful.

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