(WTNH) – From grocery delivery to dog walking to ridesharing, the side hustle is alive and well. And now more than ever as inflation soars, people are finding more innovative ways to supplement their income.

Nearly 40% of Americans are juggling a side hustle, which is up 6% since the pandemic, making an average of about $12,600 per year in additional income.

And it turns out, you may actually be sitting inside the most valuable side hustle of all: your home.

Lisa Schroeder is the chef and owner of a popular restaurant in Portland, Oregon called Mother’s Bistro and Bar. But, during the pandemic, she was forced to close for almost a year. And on top of that, her husband Rob lost his job.

“I got laid off after 28 years with the company. It was during the lockdown, so I wasn’t able to get work, and we needed some sort of income,” said Rob.

That’s when the couple discovered Swimply, an online platform that lets you create income for yourself by renting out your pool by the hour.

“Rob was very reticent about having strangers use our property. But the poorer we got, the more appealing it became,” said Lisa.

“In six months, the pool made more money than I made in a year in my previous job,” added Rob.

And you don’t need to have a pool or a fancy home to capitalize on the trend. With StoreAtMyHouse you can rent out storage space in your home.

Or if you have a large yard and a love of animals, SniffSpot lets you earn cash by the hour by listing your yard to dog owners so those furry friends can frolic off-leash.

For Lauren and Chris Krieger in Vermont, they took it one step farther by turning their AirBNB hobby into a full-time business.

“The pandemic was absolutely the catalyst for us taking the plunge to do this full time,” said Lauren.

“When we opened our third property in 2020. Things started to really pick up for us and we really made it a goal of ours to make this our full-time jobs,” explained Chris.