(WTNH) – Memorial Day kicks off the unofficial start of summer, and as prices are going up everywhere, News 8 has ways to help you stretch your dollar.

The first tip to stretching your dollar is seemingly simple: make a budget. Start by taking a look at what you’re spending now, and what you spent last summer. Where you can cut back?

You can either cut back on summer-specific expenses or year-round costs. One way to do this is by canceling any subscriptions you don’t use. Or, see if you can find a cheaper vacation rental this year than you did last year.

What will also help is to write everything all down, and revisit it weekly. For example, if your budget for dining out is $200 and you spend $300 this month, you’ll need to keep it to $100 next month.

Summer is the season of fresh produce, so take advantage. If you can buy local produce at a farmer’s market or directly from the farm, even better. Maybe you can even start your own garden to cut back on costs at the grocery store.

Tax-free week in Connecticut is approaching, and it’s a wonderful way to save. Set your calendar and hold off if you can, it’s happening from August 21 through August 27. The tax-free week applies to clothes and shoes $100 or less.

Planning a vacation? A long trip can be pricey, so look for less expensive accommodations. Instead of a pricey beachfront hotel, maybe search for an Airbnb.

You can also prepare your own, that way you can save some money. A lot of great free activities such as beaches and state parks can be incorporated into your travels too.