(WTNH) – With summer’s surging demand and fewer flights in some cases, airfares are soaring.

“It’s not just your imagination. Summer flights right now are indeed extraordinarily expensive,” said Scott Keyes from Scott’s Cheap Flights.

Keyes dedicates his life to finding cheap flights.

“Don’t wait to book your flights until the very last minute, because last minute flights are generally going to get more expensive, not less expensive,” said Keyes.

Karen Brennan said her family’s most recent trip to California put them in debt.

“A flight for San Francisco for us would typically be about $1,600. And it was about $2,800.  All the hotels and everything else that would normally be in our usual budget just added into it now,” said Brennan.

Experts stated that the most expensive weekend to fly is July 4, with round trip domestic airfares coming in at an average of $412.

And, if you want the cheapest deals this summer, wait until the end.

“If you’re willing to wait until late August to take your summer vacation, you can save as much as $118 off of domestic airfare and more than $100 off a three-night hotel stay,” said Hayley Berg, an economist at Hopper.

Berg said that destination-wise, some expensive places to visit would be Seattle, San Diego, and Portland. Less expensive destinations include Houston, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale.

Also, try booking one ticket at a time, rather than as a group, if you are traveling with family.

Another tip would be to search for one-way tickets rather than a roundtrip. This is because one airline may have a good offer on the departure, but another airline may have a better price for the return.

You may also want to go back after you buy a ticket and check the [rice for your flight every once in a while because if it’s lower than when you bought it, you can call the airline and get a credit.