(WTNH) – Guarding your gadgets is important, and with the new iPhone coming out, you may be faced with the question: should you get tech insurance?

Leondra is a serial phone smasher.

“This is my third phone in the last year,” said Leondra Head, a Virginia resident. “So, if that says anything, that says a lot.”

And those phones cost her.

“It was over $1,000. That’s money that I could be using towards a vacation,” she said.

This makes Leondra an obvious candidate for some form of technology insurance.

“Usually what they’ll cover is if the phone breaks, screen cracks or something, it’ll be a little bit cheaper to get it repaired,” said Thomas Germain, senior tech reporter for Consumer Reports.

And Consumer Reports says there are lots of options for insurance coverage.

The first distinction you should make is this: do you need a warranty or insurance?

“With the actual gadget insurance, there are usually two different kinds. There’s like a basic coverage plan that costs a little bit less, but still a few hundred dollars, typically. And they’ll cover it if you break your phone or if you drop it.,” said Germain.

“Then there’s the more expensive comprehensive insurance that will cover anything from theft to you losing your phone, you drop it in the water,” he added.

The next thing to determine is where to purchase your coverage. There are five major options to consider.

There are retailers and manufacturers who offer coverage, such as Walmart, Target, Apple, and Samsung. Then there are cell phone companies, third-party companies (like Asurion or Square Trade), and some credit card companies who can get you coverage.

Finally, you can also see if you’re homeowner’s insurance may offer technology protection.

But another factor to consider is if you need the insurance, you should be asking yourself which policies will give you a new phone ASAP. Or, which policies will make you pay out-of-pocket, or put in for reimbursement? Some may even make you give up your phone for a while.

So, do the math before making a decision. Not everyone needs that extra cost.

“If you’re a little more careful, if you take precautions, the insurance plan probably doesn’t make sense for you,” said Germain.

For Leondra, she decided that yes, she will be jumping on an insurance plan.

“If I do drop it and it gets destroyed, at least I’ll have insurance I won’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for a new phone,” she said.

And with Apple releasing its new iPhone 14, remember older models will be on sale. And, there are updates available to revamp your current phone. These are just a few other options to save money on one of life’s greatest necessities.