(WTNH) — We all have to wash our clothes, but a new study finds that our money could be going down the drain as fast as the dirt.

It’s one of life’s weekly necessities: laundry. As you cycle through the next load, you may notice you’re recycling through money a lot faster too.

A Consumer Report study found that with today’s inflation, some detergents can cost up to $28 a bottle, yet some are only slightly better than using plain old water.

Overpriced detergent is just one way we may be paying too much per load.

Consumer Reports found more ways you may be wasting money, and your dryer could be another culprit.

If your dryer runs too long, uses high heat, or overdries clothes, it’s not only harder on fabric but it’s using more energy, and thus, more money.

Fabric softeners may be another drain on your account. Some experts say if you use the correct detergent and dryer system, then you don’t need extra products. They’re just if you’re running into a static issue, or if you simply want clothes to smell a bit different.

Switching to cold water is an easy money saver. Rounding out a few ways to be kind to the environment and your wallet as you cycle through the next load.

And here’s one last tip: many people use too much detergent. The recommended amount is typically 1.5 ounces or three tablespoons. Consumer Reports said using too much detergent can also waste your water. When there’s a surplus of suds, it can cause the washer to extend the rinse cycle.