(WTNH) -Now that students are back into their school routine, a new study ranks the industries that pay the most. We are Stretching Your Dollar with where experts say the money is.

College campuses are bustling once again and as students hit the books, a Bankrate analysis of new data finds which fields of study are producing the highest-paid graduates.

Turns out, engineering may be the most lucrative option. The highest paid median salary in electrical engineering is roughly $110,000 a year.

Computer engineering comes in second at $104,000 a year.

Another high-paying salary is pharmaceutical sciences and administration at roughly $100,000 a year

Computer science, aerospace engineering and medical engineering all round out the top 10 with at or near six-figure salaries.

But that doesn’t mean everyone should go for these jobs. Experts say your success in a field is often strongly correlated to your interest in the field. If math and science aren’t your thing, it may be hard to motivate yourself through those classes.