(WTNH) – Have you tried any of the latest trending life hacks on TikTok? Some TikTok grocery tips can help you save time and stay on budget.

As inflation sends prices of virtually everything soaring, slashing spending and stress at the grocery store are top of the shopping list for many.

The hashtag #GroceryHack is trending with more than 86.4 million views on TikTok. TikTockers are heading to the grocery aisles to help you save.

For example, TikTockers are recommending that instead of using all your chicken all at once, separate and freeze pieces on parchment paper for an hour before freezing together.

“One of the easiest ways to do that is slicing your meat thin or cutting it into smaller bite-size pieces,” one TikTocker said. “Now they are semi-frozen, put them in a freezer safe bag without worrying about them sticking to each other.”

You can also build what some are calling a capsule collection for your groceries. Stock up on staple items you can use in multiple meals.

“Some of the heavy hitters in my grocery budget are tortillas, eggs, black beans, chick peas, kale, onion, pepper, and mushrooms,” the TikTocker added.

“You can make different meals from and you can make them a little different. But all for pretty inexpensive items. And you’re using the same ones that you’re not buying extra to that you don’t need,” said Tobie Stranger from Consumer Reports.

Prep fruits and vegetables in glass containers with a paper towel, that helps them last longer and prevent waste. And if you have trouble staying on budget, purchase a store gift card at checkout with a set amount. Then, only use that gift card for the rest of the month.

“Things like dairy products, bread, fruits, and vegetables, things that we need to go back to the store to purchase, we only use the gift card. We don’t spend any more money out of our bank account,” noted a TikTocker.