(WTNH)– If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home this fall, listen up. We are stretching your dollar with tips to make your home more energy efficient that won’t cost a lot of money.

When you’re looking to sell your home you think of the curb appeal and tidying the inside. But buyers want to know about more than just the look and the price tag.

“They’re also looking at how much it is going to cost for me to live in this house,” said Enoch Lenge, Eversource Energy Efficiency Specialist.

Eversource’s Enoch Lenge says getting the bills lowered before they move in is something that won’t go unnoticed.

Something small you can do? Swap out your light bulbs for energy efficient bulbs so they don’t have to. It brightens the room and brings the cost down.

If you have a little bit of money to play with. Choose an appliance to upgrade.

“If you have an outdated appliance, you may not know how much energy it draws but it actually could draw a significant amount of energy, and it’s a way to promote a more energy-efficient appliance as well as make it more aesthetically pleasing,” said Lenge.

Also, know your home energy score from 1-10. 10 being the most energy efficient. It can be bragging rights or a guide.

“The report can be a tool to share with potential buyers, or it can be a report to learn what you can upgrade before actually selling the home,” said Lenge.

Making just a small change here or there to show you’ve done work to lower their bills will go a long way with a buyer who’s about to take on years of mortgage payments.